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Hardcopy Marketing in the Digital Age

Are hardcopy marketing tools such as business cards, brochures, and direct mail campaigns still relevant in a world flooded with electronic media?  What things should a small business owner consider when deciding which elements to include in their marketing toolbox?  Each of these methods is right for someone, but what’s right for your business?  Marketing.. read more →

Using the Cloud for Calendar & Email

Sync Mobile Devices and Make Group Scheduling Easy Do you need help managing your calendar, scheduling events, and syncing everything with your mobile devices?  If so, you may benefit from doing things virtually or hiring a virtual assistant such as our company, Virtually Detailed, LLC.  Large organizations might use programs like Microsoft Exchange™, which houses.. read more →

Drowning in Paper?

Even in this digital age, paper floods our mailboxes as fast as information fills our inboxes.  How can we efficiently organize and store this flood, making it manageable?  There are many different approaches for this, but all require that you train your employees so everyone knows the system and every document ends up where it.. read more →

Your Backup Plan

Whether business owners or not, we have an increasing dependence upon information technology in our daily lives, storing more and more data online in the Cloud.  Without a physical copy of our information, can we be sure it will be available when we need it?  What’s to prevent our information from disappearing into the ether? .. read more →